Window Preservation Standards

Save Those Old Wood Windows!

Ignore those ads selling replacement windows. The windows will likely fail before you recoup your investment, and modern windows can’t be repaired as easily as solid wood windows. The Window Preservation Standards Collaborative tested replacements against historic window sash with weather stripping and storms during the 2011 National Window Preservation Summit and published the book Window Preservation Standards:

[The results] confirm what we already know:  Save the primary sash and frame, add weatherstripping and a storm to make the window meet or exceed current performance standards for air infiltration. Get all the details in the book, including which energy upgrade methods worked best.

But how do I do that, you ask? Watch this video for an brief overview:

And use the Window Preservation Standards for step-by-step details. The Standards are also appropriate for writing contract specifications.

What you’ll find

  • Guiding principles for window preservation work
  • Specific methods for assessment, maintenance, repair, preservation, and weatherization of old and historic wooden windows
  • Window part names and definitions
  • How to use the Standards to organize and plan window preservation projects
  • An appendix that includes a listing of the 102 Collaborators who developed and wrote the Standards, how to participate in the Collaborative and help develop the standards, and a review of other window energy use studies

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