WHAT is Wilderness Basics?

The Wilderness Basics Toolkit is an online resource available for parks, regions, and/or programs to use when developing the Wilderness Basics for any wilderness area (designated or other categories of wilderness). The Toolkit is a collection of templates, examples, and other resources to develop Wilderness Basics in a park.

Chapter 2 of Keeping It Wild in the NPS: A User Guide to Integrating Wilderness Character into Park Planning, Management, and Monitoring identifies the Wilderness Basics as:

  • Wilderness Background Information
    • Park wilderness legislative history (designated)
    • Park wilderness study history + current status (lands managed as wilderness)
    • Wilderness area GIS map
  • Wilderness Character Narrative
  • Issues for Future Wilderness Stewardship Planning

This is a dynamic, evolving tool. Updates to the Toolkit will be made to this site as needed – please check back often.

Having trouble viewing the Toolkit? We recommend using Bison Connect/Chrome to view the toolkit. Review these instructions for optimizing your use of the Toolkit.


Contact Erin Drake, Communications + Outreach Specialist – WASO Wilderness Stewardship Division.


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