White Grass Dude Ranch Guest Information

Getting to White Grass

If you enter “White Grass Ranch” into Google Maps, the directions will identify the correct location. When you reach the Moose, you may lose cell phone reception and access to Google Maps navigation. Follow steps four through six below to navigate the gate, parking, etc. upon arriving at the ranch.

Directions from Highway 89/191

Satellite image with roads highlighted. On the far top left White Grass Dude Ranch is labeled at the end of a black line. Moving down the black line, a gate is labeled with the words "Drive through gate and take left road". Following the black line further backwards, there's a sharp turn labeled with the words "Turn right at sign to Death Canyon Trailhead". The black line switches direction and is now pointing toward the the top right corner of the page. The road is labeled as Moose Wilson Road. The black road turns toward the bottom right corner of the page, and then makes a sharp right turn. Nearby labels read Visitor Center, WCHP, and Dornan's.

  1. Whether arriving from the north or south on Highway 89/191, turn west at Moose Junction onto the Teton Park Road and proceed to Moose, Wyoming, Grand Teton National Park Headquarters.
  2. Across from the Post Office, turn left on the Moose-Wilson Road towards the Laurance Rockefeller Preserve and Teton Village.
  3. After three miles, turn right on Death Canyon Road following signs for the Death Canyon.
  4. Follow the road until the pavement ends (approximately one mile), turn right, and proceed through the NPS gate. The gate may be closed, but it is not locked. If you have trouble getting through the gate, please call the caretaker. Close the gate after entering or leaving.
  5. Once through the gate, bear left and follow the dirt road for one-half mile. Please park by the modern pump house (the first building you get to when you drive to the ranch).
  6. Proceed to the Hammond Cabin to register with the caretaker to receive cabin assignment, key, etc.
Architectural layout of White Grass. The map has a parking lot at road entering from the bottom of the page. The road makes a long narrow loop. On the outside and inside of the loop there are a number of named buildings. Starting at the parking lot and working clockwise, the buildings are labeled as Pump House, 1161, 1165, 1164, 1163, Bathhouse, 1160, 1159, 1158, 1157, Hammond Cabin (1156), 1155, 1154, and Main Lodge (1168).
Map of White Grass Dude Ranch cabins.

Important Notes

The Moose-Wilson Road south of the Death Canyon Road to the South Entrance Station will be closed in 2022. Enter the park through the Moose or Moran Entrance Stations.

What to Bring

The ranch atmosphere is casual, the temperatures vary greatly from night to day, and the site has dirt roads and gravel paths. Pack accordingly. Here are some good items to remember:

  • Personal hygiene items (i.e. shampoo, soap, toothpaste, sun screen, lip moisturizer)
  • Warm layers and rain gear. The ranch can be cold at night and weather changes frequently
  • Sturdy shoes—avoid sandals with open toes
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Sun hat

Check-in and Check-out


  • Arrive between 3 pm and 6 pm on the day before the workshop begins.
  • All guests must attend an orientation meeting at 6:15 pm check-in day.
  • Guests should arrive at White Grass with food for at least their first evening meal (check-in day) and for breakfast and lunch the next day (the first full day of the workshop).
  • Guests will be issued cabin keys, bear spray, and bed/bath linens.
  • Lodging is not available for more than one night in advance of the beginning of a workshop or volunteer week (unless you have been given express permission from WCHP staff in advance for special circumstances).


  • Plan to check out before 9 am on the day after the workshop ends.
  • No extended stays are permitted.
  • A detailed check-out procedure document will be provided

Staying at White Grass

Cabins range from single cabins with one private bathroom to triple cabins with two shared bathrooms. For 2022, rooms are single occupancy only and guests may share bathrooms with other vaccinated guests of the same gender. You must send proof of vaccination to whitegrassranch@nps.gov.

Large wooden cabin with mountains in the background

Cabins are equipped with

  • Electricity
  • Hot/cold running water
  • Baseboard heat
  • Beds (mostly twin mattresses)
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Bed linens, blankets, towels, and pillows
  • ADA-compliant access and restroom (cabin assigned upon request/need)

Wood cabin with two doors on a small porch. The cabin is surrounded by evergreen trees and there are large mountains in the background.

Phone and Internet

  • Sleeping Cabins are not equipped with phones, internet, or television.
  • Cell service is available, though not always reliable. The nearest place for reliable service is in Moose (4.5 miles).
  • Wifi Internet is available via satellite in the Main Cabin. There is also complementary Wi-Fi available at the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center in Moose.


  • All trainees will be responsible for their own food purchases and preparation.
  • Guests have 24-hour, full access to the community kitchen, which has refrigerators/freezers, microwaves, four-burner stove with oven, coffee maker, a dishwasher, utensils, pots and pans, and dishes.
  • White Grass Ranch staff will provide you with a large plastic bin for food storage in the kitchen. All dry goods must be stored in the provided plastic bins to prevent animals from eating any food. Refrigerator space is communal.
  • Guests are responsible for cleaning up after themselves immediately after using the kitchen facility.
  • Food preparation and storage is not permitted in the sleeping cabins. Coffee/coffee makers are not allowed in your sleeping cabin.
Local Grocery Stores
  • Smith’s Food and Drug: 1425 S. Hwy 89, Jackson, WY – 307-733-8908
  • Albertson’s: 105 Buffalo Way, Jackson, WY – 307-733-5950
  • Jackson Whole Grocer: 1155, US Hwy 89, Jackson, WY – 307-733-3014
  • Aspen’s Market: 4015 W. Lake Creek Dr., Wilson, WY – 307-200-6140
  • Mangy Moose Market: Teton Village, WY – 307-733-4913
  • Dornan’s: At Moose Junction off Hwy 191, Moose, WY – 307-733-2415
Nearest Restaurants
  • Dornan’s: At Moose Junction off Hwy 191, Moose, WY – 307-733-2415
  • The Calico: Highway 390 between Teton Village and Wilson- 307-733-2460
  • The Mangy Moose: In Teton Village- 307-733-4913
  • The Alpenhof: In Teton Village- 307-733-3242


  • Guests are responsible for their own transportation to and from White Grass.
  • In order to minimize the number of vehicles parked at White Grass, guests are encouraged to carpool whenever possible.
  • If guests are unable to find their own transportation to and from the airport in Jackson, WCHP will attempt to facilitate airport shuttles between guests.
  • Trailers are not allowed on the Death Canyon Trailhead Road. Contact WCHP staff if you need to leave your trailer elsewhere in Moose prior to arriving at White Grass.


  • Laundry facilities and detergent are available at no charge.

What to do Outside of Workshop Hours

Guests are encouraged to take advantage of the ranch setting after hours. The ranch is located a half mile from an easy hiking trailhead (a total of 1.5 miles from the ranch to the Phelps Lake Lookout). The ranch is about ten minutes from Moose and fifteen minutes from Teton Village. Both locations are vibrant in the summer/fall. You are also encouraged to stay on the ranch and enjoy the views and wildlife. Limited park entry passes may be available by request at check in.

A note on wildlife: bears and other wildlife enjoy White Grass Ranch as much as you do. For your safety, please carry bear spray and a flashlight (we will provide both) with you whenever you leave your cabin after dusk. To protect residents, all food items must be properly secured in vehicles, bear-proof containers, or inside the Main Cabin. Please do not leave any food or beverages in sleeping cabins or outside at any time. All food scraps and garbage must be discarded in the designated bear-proof dumpster.

Important Contact Information

Arrivals, check-in, directions, and hospitality needs:
Herb and Sally Ford
Ranch Caretakers
sally_ford@partner.nps.gov or

Workshop related information
Erin Gibbs
Program Manager
Brick Earth Stone and Timber Preservation Workshops
erin_gibbs@nps.gov or 307-739-3571

Volunteer related information
Maria Rachal
Hammercorps Coordinator
Grand Teton National Park
maria_rachal@partner.nps.gov or 307-739-3484

In Case of emergency, dial 911

Additional Emergency Resources

  • Grand Teton National Park Dispatch: 307-739-3301
  • Saint John’s Hospital, Jackson, WY: 307-733-3636

Useful Websites

  • White Grass Heritage Project Website: http://www.whitegrass.org
  • Grand Teton National Park Website: http://www.nps.gov/grte
  • Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce: http://www.jacksonholechamber.com
  • Information for group camping within the park: http://www.nps.gov/grte/planyourvisit/campgrounds.htm
  • Jackson Hole & Greater Yellowstone Visitor Center Website: http://www.fws.gov/nationalelkrefuge/JacksonHoleVisitorsCenter.htm


White Grass Dude Ranch is part of Grand Teton National Park. White Grass guests are subject to the same laws, regulations, and policies as all other park visitors. In rare circumstances guests may be asked to follow administrative procedures; violation of administrative procedures may result in the termination of lodging.

White Grass General Rules

  • Pets are not allowed.
  • Daytime visitors are permitted, but overnight visitors are not permitted.
  • Sleeping in cars/trucks, RVs, trailers or tents is not permitted.
  • Trailers are not allowed on the Death Canyon Trailhead Road. Contact WCHP staff if you need to leave your trailer elsewhere in Moose prior to arriving at White Grass.
  • Children are not permitted to stay at White Grass. However, spouses and/or significant others are permitted (space permitting). Guests must apply to WCHP for spouse/significant other lodging. Since workshop trainees/volunteers have first priority for White Grass lodging, a decision about space availability for spouses/significant others will not be made prior to fourteen days before the start of the workshop.
  • Park and drive vehicles and walk on designated roads/paths only.
  • Quiet time is between 9 pm and 6:30 am daily. Guests are expected to keep music, voices, and noise to appropriate levels at all times in respect for fellow residents and local wildlife.
  • Smoking is permitted in designated areas only. Smoking is not permitted in the cabins. Following Grand Teton fire regulations, smokers may not wander outside with a lit cigarette and must extinguish and dispose of cigarettes properly.
  • Outdoor cooking is only permitted on approved camp stoves and barbeques. All stoves and barbeques must be stored inside after use.
  • Responsible consumption of alcohol is permitted at White Grass.
  • National Park Service staff and the White Grass Caretaker reserve the right to enter an occupied cabin at any time for inspection/maintenance, etc. without prior notice to the guest.
  • Possession of firearms at White Grass Ranch and Grand Teton National Park is subject to current law and policy on firearms as established by Congress and the National Park Service.
  • The Western Center for Historic Preservation and the National Park Service are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged personal property.
  • Lodging at White Grass Ranch may be terminated at any time for willful and/or repeated violation of the general rules provided in this document.

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