The Wheel of Life – Finding Balance in Your Life


When technology turns our 9-to-5 schedules into 24/7 or when our personal responsibilities seem to take all our energy, it’s easy for our lives to get off balance. This life imbalance can lead to frustration, high stress and burnout. Sometimes it helps to take a broader view of different areas of our lives to see what parts of our lives might need more attention and work to regain our balance.

The Wheel of Life is a tool commonly used by professional life coaches to get a broad view of our satisfaction levels, responsibilities and what is really important to us. The Wheel gives a visual map of how your life is now and how you would like your ideal life to be.

What You’ll Find

Using the Wheel of Life interactive tool,

  1. Determine 6-8 areas of your life that are important to you – work, family, community service, friendship, art, etc.
  2. Decide how much attention you are giving each important part of your life and give each area a 1-10 score.
  3. Using the Wheel of Life Worksheet, map out your scores. You’ll immediately see if your life is balanced and what areas need more attention.
Wheel of Life worksheet sample
Wheel of Life Sample; Photo Credit: Buster Benson

You can also use the Worksheet to see what your ideal life balance would be and compare it to your current life balance.

Use the Wheel of Life to help set goals, see areas of your life that need attention and regain balance. The information can also help you determine if some areas of your life are taking up too much energy.


  • Did what you learn about your life balance surprise you?
  • If you made a Wheel of Life for your ideal life balance, how different is it from your current Wheel?

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