As you’re preparing your Trades Alive video, here are some good tips and tricks to remember while filming.

It’s easy to remember

These videos are meant to be tutorials, and at the end, you want your audience to know and understand how to do the technique you’re using. So, make them easy to remember and follow.

  1. Break up what you’re doing into less than 5 simple steps.
  2. Summarize each step with a title.
  3. Show each step clearly.
  4. Recap at the end.

It is clear

You know your topic like the back of your hand, so you can just talk about it, right? Yes and no. It’s easy to go off topic or forget details. It’s best to write out an outline with bullet points of what you’d like to say. It will help you remember what to say and to stay on topic. You can visit our How to Write a Script page to learn more.

It looks good

Make your content engaging by using high-quality video footage that really shows what you’re doing. Consider shooting close-up footage to really show what work is being done.

It sounds good

We’re including a good microphone to help you capture the audio for your video. In some cases, it may be difficult to capture your audio in the field; machines can be really loud, or due to the nature of the work it may be hard to talk it through while you’re doing it. After recording, listen to your audio. You may want to go back and record the audio in a quiet room so we can add it to the video in post-production.

It’s short

In general, if a video is longer than 3 minutes, people won’t even start watching it. Keep your videos short and sweet. If you’re describing a lengthy and complex process, consider breaking it up into a few video in a series.

It’s safe

Your video should always show work being done safely. Make sure everyone in the shot is wearing appropriate PPE and following safety guidelines.

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