What is the CLP?


Are you an employee, volunteer, or partner in the NPS workforce? If so, the Common Learning Portal (CLP) is your one stop shop for educational resources to help you improve your performance.

A promotional poster sharing information on how to get to the CLP.

To support our modern NPS workforce, “training” is not enough. The CLP helps us create a Learning and Performance Ecosystem with:

The Common Learning Portal. Collaborative Learning:  Any Place… Any Time.

Success Stories

Take a look at how your peers and colleagues have leveraged the CLP to learn the many ways the CLP can help you succeed:

Watch the Video

The community is forming and we’re glad you’re here. To learn more about the Common Learning Portal, check out this short video.

Watch the audio described version of the CLP video, or read the transcript.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions about the CLP, you can always Contact Us or email clp@nps.gov.

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