Webinars: Protecting Trees During Construction

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This two-part webinar series from the NPS Park Cultural Landscapes Program addresses protection for trees and soil during construction. These sessions feature presentations from Dr. Nina Bassuk of the Cornell University Urban Horticulture Institute, and three NPS Landscape Architects.

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Protecting Trees and Soil (Part 1)

Featuring Dr. Nina Bassuk, Emeritus Professor at Cornell University Urban Horticulture Institute and co-author of Trees in the Urban Landscape. Dr. Bassuk discusses considerations for protecting trees and soil during construction. (Recorded January 12, 2023)

Learn from three NPS landscape architects:

  • why protecting trees is important in parks;
  • construction planning at Minute Man National Historical Park; and
  • construction implementation at Meridian Hill Park.

After the main session, there is a Q&A session with panelists:

  • Michelle Surber, Landscape Architect, Historic Architecture, Conservation, and Engineering Center (HACE);
  • Kate Randall, Landscape Architect and Project Manager, Denver Service Center; and
  • Fielding Link, Historical Landscape Architect, Denver Service Center

(Recorded January 19, 2023)


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