Does the Way We Talk About Work Affect the Way We Work?


How do you describe your workplace? Is it a well-oiled machine or a zoo? How does the way we talk about work and images we use affect the way we feel and think about work?

We tend to use metaphors without giving them much thought, but the images we use have a powerful impact on the way we perceive and act at work. Positive images can lead to positive attitudes and success while negative images often lead to low morale, negative attitudes and low employee engagement.

In this video, Dr. Melanie Cohen, IT Strategist with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, interviews Dr. Christopher Durney of Phase One Consulting Group about how images can affect the way we think, feel and act at work. They also discuss how to improve group performance by using more positive images when we talk about work.

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  • What images and words do you use to describe your work? Are they primarily positive or negative images?

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