Getting Your Volunteers & Partners on the CLP

Are you looking to get your park’s volunteers and partners engaged in the Common Learning Portal? The process is simple! Just choose the “Send Invites” icon from the “My Tools” menu on the right of your screen when you’re logged into the CLP. You’ll be able to paste in a list of their email addresses and send them invites.

Any National Park Service employee can invite new users into the Common Learning Portal. When you send someone an invitation, you are vouching for them. You might be contacted by an administrator if someone you invite violates codes of conduct.

The Common Learning Portal is a collegial, real-names network where the NPS community can gather, discuss our work, offer each other feedback, and learn together. And that community means more than just employees.

In the Commons, you’ll find posts from all corners of the community – from seasoned employees to new members of our family, from college students studying their craft to volunteers enjoying their retirement making America’s parks exciting for others. There are even members from partner institutions and organizations here to join the conversation as well.

Getting your volunteers and partners access to the Common Learning Portal also means they can use the varied suites of Learning Activities – short learning modules focused on finding new skills quickly and easily.

For a detailed guide to getting your volunteers and partners on the CLP, check out this video:


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