Virtual Conference for Supervisors


Searching for training to help you improve your supervisory skills? Look no further!

Virtual Conference for Supervisors is a week-long annual virtual conference filled with sessions to help supervisors fulfill their important role in the NPS. Supervisors will be able to apply knowledge gained from their selected sessions to improve their supervisory skills.

Conference Topics

Topics include:

  • GS and WG Position Descriptions
  • Position Description Basics
  • Reasonable Accommodations
  • Violence in the Workplace
  • Ethics
  • Workforce Planning
  • Job Analysis/Assessment Questionnaires
  • Hiring Authorities
  • Pay and Leave
  • Telework Policy
  • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
  • High-Impact Interviewing Skills
  • Position Management
  • The Top Four Challenges in Performance Standards Development
  • Conversations that Matter: Building Accountability and Commitment
  • Veterans’ Appointment Authority
  • Creating a Positive Work Environment
  • Workers’ Compensation: Role of the Supervisor

Learning Objectives

Upon the completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Apply strategic thinking to position management and workforce planning
  • Utilize workers’ compensation procedures to guide employees
  • Write effective position descriptions and assessment questionnaires
  • Understand how to use hiring authorities to quickly and efficiently fill positions
  • Develop and communicate performance standards that are understandable, specific, and measurable
  • Learn key interviewing skills to help assess a candidate’s qualifications against job demands


For more information, email Katherine Callaway.

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