VIP Program Management Training Modules


There’s no question, the Volunteers-In-Parks program has grown over the years to reflect the dedication of people throughout the world to our national parks. In 1970 the program started with a few hundred volunteers. Today, there are more than 400,000 VIPs helping to preserve and protect our natural and cultural resources.

VIP Program Management Training Modules  The National Park Service has provided a number of resources to help NPS staff work effectively with volunteers.

What you’ll find

“How to Succeed With Volunteers-In-Parks” training modules (zip)  PDF that contain the 60-minute training module series for the “How to Succeed…” VIP Program Management training package.

55-Minute Training Series: Training Busy Staff to Succeed with Volunteers (pdf) 55-Minute Training Series that consists of 12 individual “modules” which single out a specific topic such as interviewing, delegation, recognition, etc., and focuses the content around four key concepts.

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