VIP Program Management Training Modules


There’s no question, the Volunteers-In-Parks program has grown over the years to reflect the dedication of people throughout the world to our national parks. In 1970 the program started with a few hundred volunteers. Today, there are more than 400,000 VIPs helping to preserve and protect our natural and cultural resources.

VIP Program Management Training Modules: The National Park Service has provided a number of resources to help NPS staff work effectively with volunteers.

What You’ll Find

“How to Succeed With Volunteers-In-Parks” training modules (zip): PDFs that contain the 60-minute training module series for the “How to Succeed…” VIP Program Management training package.

55-Minute Training Series: Training Busy Staff to Succeed with Volunteers (PDF): 55-Minute Training Series that consists of 12 individual “modules” which single out a specific topic such as interviewing, delegation, recognition, etc., and focuses the content around four key concepts.

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