Violence in the Workplace


This recorded webinar from the 2017 Virtual Conference for Supervisors covers violence in the workplace, including Departmental and agency policies, supervisory responsibilities, definitions and prevention of workplace violence.

The 2017 Virtual Conference for Supervisors delivered virtual training sessions on topics such as Reasonable Accommodations, Performance Standards, Position Management and Ethics. The Conference served to support OPM guidance on training new supervisors should receive within their first three months of assignment to a supervisory position.

This recording does not replace attending the actual Violence in the Workplace live training. The recording is only intended as a supplement to the live training.

What You’ll Learn

This recorded session covers:

  • Supervisory and employee responsibility in nurturing and maintaining a violence-free workplace
  • Department of the Interior and National Park Service policies concerning the prevention of workplace violence
  • What workplace violence is
  • Four steps to preventing workplace violence
  • Dealing with workplace violence
  • Detecting warning signs
  • Resources for dealing with workplace violence and a hostile work environment
  • Employee resources

Watch the Webinar Recordings

March 7, 2017 Webinar

Violence in the Workplace Webinar recording (click on Violence in the Workplace in the Event Index on the left)  

Violence in the Workplace Webinar transcripts

March 9, 2017 Webinar

Violence in the Workplace Webinar recording 

Violence in the Workplace Webinar transcripts


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