Six Creative Ways to Brainstorm Ideas


Is your creative flow stuck? Are you in need of an imagination boost? Is your brainstorming effort tapped out? Get unstuck with these six fun and creative ways to brainstorm ideas. In this short video developed by the marketing agency Vertical Measures, spark your ingenuity to move yourself from the land of lackluster to innovation Nirvana.

What You’ll Learn

After completing the work on this page, you will be able to:

  • List six ways to generate fresh ideas
  • Recall how to implement one or more of these methods for a fun and imaginative brainstorming process
  • Utilize these techniques to get the creative juices flowing and foster better solutions

Watch the Video

Dig Deeper

After watching the video, try the following:

  1. Think about a problem in need of a creative solution.
  2. Choose one or more of the six methods to brainstorm possible solutions to the problem.  You can do this on your own or with other people.
  3. Reflect on the results.
  4. Share these brainstorming techniques with a colleague or a work group.

Still Hungry?

Here’s more to spark your thinking on this topic:

Write a Review

  1. These are interesting techniques that I would like to try by myself and with others to brainstorm. I have used mind mapping in the past, but the doodle technique and randomness are new and unexpected ways of being creative I am willing to try. Overall, this is an effective video to share techniques, however, my lower rating is based on the bored and monotone voice of the narrator. If you want people to be creative, you must get them excited! The narrator makes me want to fall asleep instead of making me feel jazzed and energized to brainstorm creative solutions.


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