User Experience vs. Customer Experience: What’s the Dif?


Do you know the difference between user experience and customer experience? How does a poor user experience affect someone’s customer experience, and vice-versa?

Though they might seem like interchangeable terms, user experience and customer experience are very different things. User experience is a part of the overall customer experience, and a poor experience with one has profound affect on the other.

In the article User Experience (UX) vs. Customer Experience (CX): What’s the Dif?, author Tim Lowden explains the differences between user and customer experiences and describes how they interact with and affect each other. He asserts that user experience is a key component of customer experience. Organizations that pay attention to both are much more likely to provide good overall customer experiences, earn customer loyalty and achieve success.

From the Article

You might have the best advertising, brand recognition, sales team, customer service representatives, and organizational structure (all CX-related items), but if customers’ interactions with your website, mobile app, software or other product (all UX-related items) create barriers to completion of the desired tasks, overall CX fails.

You can see how UX is really a component of CX, and each play an important role in the overall success of a program, the reputation of your brand, and customers’ loyalty to your brand. Failures in either area lead to a bad customer experience overall. Think about this as you develop products and services, and make sure to begin with the customer in mind.


Have you ever had a good customer experience ruined by a bad user experience, or a good user experience negatively affected by a bad customer experience? How did the entire interaction affect your overall opinion of the unit, organization or brand?

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