How to Use Blended Learning in a Training Program


Most organizations are looking for ways to increase the effectiveness of training while keeping costs down. For most, one part of the solution lies in adopting online tools and techniques. Finding the right combination of face time and online time is vital to a successful training program.

Every day organizations are developing new models that apply emerging technologies to their unique needs. Despite the breadth of the field, here are a few general tips that any organization can use to make blended learning a bigger part of their training effort.

How to use Blended Learning (PDF)

What you’ll find

Topics include:

  • Consider shrinking the units of instruction
  • Consider video
  • Use multiple technologies
  • Manage training as a knowledge base
  • Give learners a little control
  • Case study
  • Questions & information


  • Of your more traditional training materials, which could be altered to use blended learning techniques and technologies?

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