The Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training Center partners with other educational organizations to provide advanced wilderness stewardship training. Advance your skills with these three Wilderness Education Programs for higher learning:

The Consortium’s purpose is to deliver courses to web-based learners, particularly those at non-campus locations. The Consortium provides upper-division undergraduate and graduate distance learning education to anyone interested in Natural Resources and managing their uses.

Wilderness and Civilization is an inspiring and demanding two-semester academic program held at the University of Montana. Each year, a small group of students from around the country are immersed in the study of wildlands and the human-nature relationship.  Students receive a minor in Wilderness Studies that may complement any major.

The WMDEP is an interagency effort to increase wilderness scholarship among professional wilderness managers and the public at large.

For more training opportunities, visit the Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training Center’s website.

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