Department of Interior: DOI University


DOI University (DOIU) offers customer-centric training that benefits the individual and the organization. Courses and programs include:

  • Leadership
  • Management and Supervision
  • Acquisition Management
  • FAC-P/PM
  • Financial Management and Budgeting
  • Project Management
  • Oral/Written Communication

Some training programs award Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Professional Development Units (PDUs) upon successful completion of all program requirements.

DOIU is the department-wide training organization that delivers training at three main learning centers (Albuquerque, Denver, and Washington) and at remote locations to geographically-dispersed employees. DOIU courses are listed in an online catalog and cover a broad range of topics to increase the skills of all DOI employees as well as other federal, state, and tribal employees.

Programs and Curriculum Offered

Leadership Training
DOI University’s Leadership Programs provide a planned, systematic, competency-based approach to developing future leaders, at all levels, for the Department of the Interior. At each level of leadership development, an emphasis is placed on individual development of core competencies within the context of the Department’s mission, vision, and critical leadership needs.

Acquisition Training
The DOI University Acquisition curriculum provides a planned, systematic, competency-based approach to developing future leaders, at all levels, for the Department of the Interior and other government agencies.

DOI’s Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program (SESCDP) is an OPM-approved training program designed to develop the executive qualifications of employees with strong executive potential. The SESCDP is based on the five Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ) that embody the leadership skills needed to succeed in the SES. These skills apply to all SES positions and are in addition to the technical qualifications that may be required in for a specific job.

DOI Supervisory Program
Supervisors are the department’s link between our successes transforming strategy into execution and a key factor in our employee satisfaction. To prepare our new and existing supervisors for the demands of their role, the DOI Supervisory Program includes OPM and OMB aligned supervisory development offerings for non-managers and aspiring supervisors, new supervisors, and highly experienced supervisors.


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