TTAP Online Learning Resources

The following resources were compiled for use by participants in the Traditional Trades Advancement Program. They are professional developmental opportunities, supplemental in nature, and can be used to support staff under approved telework plans for events including periods of inclement weather, light-duty activities, government shutdown, or quarantine. Most of these offerings were selected because they can be accessed outside of the Department of the Interior’s secure platform.

Important Notes

  • Please ensure you have supervisor approval prior to taking any courses; especially if there is a financial cost to complete them.
  • Keep a record of your learning. Record and report all training hours honestly.
  • Many courses can also be audited at no cost.
  • Supervisors may consider asking you to learn about a subject and share it with other employees.
  • If you need any help accessing or using any of these courses, contact your supervisor or Claire Finn at claire_finn@nps.gov

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