Trust is the Engine of Team Performance

In his article “7 Faces of Distrust,” Dan Rockwell highlights what distrust can look like on a team from tearing down the people you should build up to planning meetings that exclude input from the people who are impacted by the plans. Learn more about what distrust looks like by reading the entire article.

Although we might know what distrust feels like, we know that we can flourish as employees when we are part of trustful teams. Rockwell describes what this looks like:

  1. Know, honor, and celebrate the top three strengths of everyone on your team.
  2. Talk openly about weaknesses.
  3. Enjoy playful mischief.
  4. Ask forgiveness. “I was wrong,” builds trust.
  5. Express sincere enthusiasm for another’s success.
  6. Speak about others as if they are in the room, when they aren’t.
  7. Assume others have good intentions.
  8. Protect each other’s best interests.
  9. Examine personal responsibilities before finger-pointing.
  10. Open their mouths to build-up.

In the full article, Dan list 3 ways to rebuild eroded trust. Learn more in the full article and consider following Dan Rockwell @Leadershipfreak.

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Citation: Rockwell, Dan. “7 Faces of Distrust” (May 8, 2019) in Leadership Freak Empowering Leaders 300 Words at a Time.

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