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Are you looking for training opportunities now that you’re home teleworking? You’ve come to the right place! The categories below have been carefully curated by experts in the field – check them out!

NOTE: The trainings listed on these pages are from federal agencies, non-profits, or official partners. Commercial trainings are not listed. If you are interested in commercial trainings, head to your favorite search engine, enter the topic, and include the words “online training.”

Training Opportunities by Career Field/Subject Area

Administration and Business

Interested in Excel, budgeting, or appropriations? This space is for you!

Cultural Resources and Historic Preservation

Click the link above to find a great list of resources and learning activities on cultural resources and historic preservation.

Facilities Management

Are you looking for training opportunities in facilities management? Look no further!

General Opportunities

This section is for all employees and includes trainings on retirement, credit cards, and other popular topics.

Interpretation and Education

Visit this page to learn more about the amazing resources being offered by the Interpretation and Education field!

Natural Resources

Access these awesome resources and learning activities about natural resources.

New Employee

Are you new to the NPS? Follow this link to find a list of resources and opportunities specifically geared towards you!


Do you have additional resources you’d like to contribute, or questions about a specific resource already being shared? Please email the CLP team at clp@nps.gov; we’ll connect you with the appropriate point of contact!

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