Tradition and Transition–A Guide to Evolving Foundations Terminology


The Foundations of 21st Century Interpretation competency descriptions (see below) focus on the evolution of interpretive concepts and the skills and abilities an interpreter should strive to develop. Interpreters who have practiced the craft for a while will recognize many time-honored concepts, and find others strengthened, transformed, or shifted. The Tradition and Transition document aims to provide a reference for interpreters to identify familiar concepts within the continuously evolving Foundations document. It also aspires to provoke discussion within the field about how these ideas are evolving with time, global trends, research, and engagement with our audiences.

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Join the conversation about our professional competencies in the Foundations of 21st Century Interpretation Discussion Forum. This is an open forum group, but you must be logged into the NPS network to access the CLP Commons. After logging in to the CLP, go to CLP Commons –> Groups –> Foundations of 21st Century Interpretation Discussion Forum.

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  1. Thanks for posting this document! This is one of the most helpful things I’ve found to explain how and where things like “knowledge of resource” fit 🙂


  2. The Traditions and Transitions document posted by Stephanie Kyriazis and Cynthia Langguth serves to bridge the traditional interpretation terminology with the evolving interpretation terminology found in the Foundations of 21st Century Interpretation. The Foundations is the NPS’s competencies and standards for interpreters and educators that is revised annually to reflect the evolving practices of the interpretation profession. The T&T document may leave space for others to add to the document, especially as each successive cohort works on the Foundations. In this way, the T&T document along with successive versions of the Foundations and legacy document may serve as a timeline or trail marker for future, evolving Foundations of 21st Century Interpretation.


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