The NPS is considered a leader in historic preservation trades and we need your help so that others can learn from your valuable skills!

Trades Alive is an effort to generate a community approach to creating historic preservation trades tutorial videos. Historic preservation experts across the National Park Service can submit high-quality videos of techniques and technologies to share their knowledge and skills with others in our video series.

Trades Alive Video Series

To learn more, visit our Trades Alive videos.

Borrowing a Video Kit

Do you have an idea for a video, but you don’t have the gear to make it come to life? We’re here to help! Visit our Borrow a Video Kit page to learn more.

How do I submit a video?

Learn how to submit your videos here.


Are you interested in learning what makes a good video and how to go about writing a script? Our tutorials page is just for you!

This project will only succeed if you share your talents and skills.

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