Thriving in a Multi-Generational Workplace

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BADL/MIMI and Cam Sholly

We find ourselves in a novel age. Fast paced changes of technology and society make things seem different every day. One of the newest things we face is five different generations working together.  People born before the end of World War Two on up to Generation Z can be seen in the workplace.  This multi-generational workplace presents many challenges because they all have different goals, values, ethics, and preferences.

What You’ll Learn

Reading the article How to Thrive in a Multi-Generational Workplace brings to light some of these generational differences and shows the following six strategies for multi-generational harmony:

  1. Establish respect
  2. Be flexible and accommodating
  3. Avoid stereotyping
  4. Learn from one another
  5. Tailor your communication style to who you are speaking to
  6. Don’t overlook the similarities between you and those you are speaking to


How do you think you can incorporate these strategies into how you deal with older or younger coworkers in your workplace?

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