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Judy Chartrand

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Too often we fail to use critical thinking skills. We fail to think things through, improperly evaluate information, see opinions as fact or jump to conclusions. We fall victim to the sea of information available to us or let time pressure force us to make decisions before we are ready.

More and more we are seeing the importance of thinking better – using critical thinking skills to help us determine smarter courses of action. In the article Thinking Better – Gaining Clarity and Wisdom, author Judy Chartrand offers 5 steps to more strategic thinking that results in better business decisions, better problem solving and better leadership.

What You’ll Find

To become a better thinker, you must learn to think like an expert. To do this you must:

  • Stop and think about your thinking so you can¬†apply the best strategy
  • Recognize your assumptions
  • Properly evaluate information
  • Draw conclusions that come from evidence
  • Develop a plan of action the helps you anticipate consequences and brings your decision to life

Successful leadership requires critical thinking. Critical thinking skills help leaders, organizations and teams create visions, make strategic decisions and work together as a whole.

From the Article

Leadership requires critical thinking daily. You can’t be a leader without being a critical thinker. Successful leaders apply what they know to the challenges of their work. Organizations today desperately need leaders who are independent thinkers, who can accurately size up situations, make astute judgments, and by thinking better make a difference.

Additional Information

For more information on developing critical thinking skills and to read more from Judy Chartrand, visit thinkwatson.com.


  • Do you regularly use all five steps critical thinking steps outlined in the article? What might you need to work on?
  • How can you use these steps to improve your critical thinking skills at work?

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