The Power of Transformation

Monica Sharma, Jerry White, Kirsten Gallo

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Working for the National Park Service is an amazing experience. However, it is still a bureaucracy. This can leave you feeling like your work is having little impact on the resource you’ve dedicated so much to. Don’t fret—everyone has those days. These three articles will give you a glimpse at the power of transformation and its ability to help us carry out the mission of the NPS and positively change society as a whole.

In Personal to PlanetaryTransformation, Dr. Monica Sharma states that we are living in a time of unprecedented patterns of possibility. Advances in technology and the spread of the Internet have given us the capability to communicate with anyone in the world. Dr. Sharma believes we need to use this power to effect positive change in society.

Jerry White’s powerful piece, Explosive Wisdom, begins on an unmarked minefield in northern Israel and takes on a journey of self-exploration. Along the way, White discovers that being a survivor and a leader are collective experiences that require the support of others.

Rangers will quickly identify with Dr. Kirsten Gallo’s article, Nature and Humanity. As a fellow Ranger and ecologist, Gallo has committed her career to promoting stewardship and the importance of the relationship between humans and the environment. She advocates that anyone can effect positive change in society just by making a few changes in your daily work and home routines.

From the Articles

  • New Archetypal Leaders—are largely unnoticed, they are more like midwives giving birth to other peoples’ ideas than stars of the show
  • Transformation comes from individuals join forces to align their individual and collective wisdom, understanding, and knowledge, not just for themselves, but for the good of all humanity
  • Humans have a vast array of choices when responding to change. First and foremost, we can choose to be creative or we can choose to be victims

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