The NPS Design Thinking Process for Innovation

You might be thinking “Design thinking is great, but it will never work for parks!”

There’s actually a design thinking process made specifically for parks to implement and think up innovative new ways to reach new audiences. “The Design Thinking Process for Innovation,” was crafted by the Center for Park Management and IDEO as an easy-to-use framework for parks to think up new ideas.

“As the National Park Service enters its second century, there is no better time to try new ideas, experiment with untested models, and build a learning community that is dedicated to sharing creative and innovative approaches. We invite you to be part of this movement. Take advantage of this resource to begin your own innovation design journey at your park or program. “

The model uses four steps to walk you through your first project with design thinking: Preparation, Inspiration, Ideation, and Implementation.

Download the Design Thinking Process for Innovation toolkit and learn how you can get started creating amazing new ideas in your park today. Then download the design activity and get to work!

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