The best way to make a way forward is to fail. And Dr. Samuel West is tired of hearing so many success stories. He wants to hear about failures – so he opened a museum of failure. With about 70 different failed innovative ideas, West is building a physical catalog of what fails and why it did.

“The museum’s purpose is to say ‘hey, let’s not sweep these failures under a carpet. Let’s put them up on a literal pedestal and shine a spotlight on these failures so we can discuss them, and ultimately learn from them.'”

Large organizations are terrible at learning from their failures, and West is trying to fix that. By shining a light on things that have failed, he’s helping us to better understand how we might succeed in the future. So visit (virtually) Samuel West’s Museum of Failure.

Reflection Question

Grab a scrap sheet of paper and jot down your answer to these questions:

  • What’s the most recent failure you’ve had? What are you learning from it?
  • What could your park or site learn from looking at past failures?

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