The Mentee’s Guide

Linda Philips-Jones, Ph. D

Updated Service Wide Skills


Would you like to learn how to become a better mentee? In Dr. Linda Phillips-Jones’ free guide, mentees can learn how to have a successful relationship with their mentor. It includes advice, exercises, and tools all designed for you to get the most of your mentor/mentee relationship.

cover of the book- the Mentees Guide by Linda Phillips-Jones, Ph.D.

What You Will Find

This classic 80 page booklet from the International Mentoring Group includes chapters on:

  • Planning for Mentoring
  • Building a Relationship
  • Developing Momentum
  • Ending the Formal Relationship
  • Additional Resources


  • Why do you think there is a book on how to receive information from someone who is going to be advising you?
  • How does planning a relationship up front help in sustaining and developing the relationship?
  • Do you have to “like” a mentor in order to have an effective relationship with one?

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