The Decisive Dozen: The Twelve Most Important Learning Factors

The Decisive Dozen – The Twelve Most Important Learning Factors

How do we create a learning experience that is valuable for our learners? Sure, we need to utilize learning design methodology such as ADDIE, SAM, the 4D’s, and so on. But what elements need to be incorporated into the design to ensure learning is really happening? The answer is The Decisive Dozen.

Dr. Will Thalheimer has spent decades researching successful elements of instruction and education.  During this time, he’s separated what works from instructional fads, creating The Decisive Dozen.

This resource is invaluable for anyone that creates learning experiences from education programs to formal or informal training for employees or volunteers.

A Sample of Thalheimer’s Decisive Dozen:

3. Guiding AttentionWhen we guide learners’ attention to the most critical information or contextual stimuli, their learning improves.
5. RepetitionWhen we provide repetitions (in a manner that engages), learners more effectively understand and remember.
8. Context AlignmentWhen we integrate workplace cues (or other task-relevant cues) in our learning events, future memory retrievals are more likely to be triggered (and triggered when needed).

Before reading the rest of the 12, write down what you think some of the other learning factors may be. Then, read the list and see if your hypothesis was correct.

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This research paper provides a deeper look at the Decisive Dozen and offers supporting context to Dr. Thalheimer’s list.

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  1. A lot take in during one reading. But can see myself referring back to this research paper over and over again, as needed.

    Can see the usefulness when assisting with and creating educational programs for young park visitors.


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