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The NPS is a decentralized organization made up of many small units, and teams. In this way, it is set up in much the same way as the first guardians of the parks; the U.S. Military. General Stanley McChrystal believes that in a complex world, small teams are the only way we can adapt quickly to a rapidly changing social and technological landscape. But how can we maintain the strengths of small teams on an organizational scale? A “team of teams” approach.

General McChrystal based his “team of teams” model on experience gained during his military career, particularly in the fight against Al Queda in Iraq, a large, dispersed, networked opponent that required a new approach to bring about their defeat. McChrystal found that when an organization brought talented teams together, and fostered communication and collaboration towards a common goal, good results tended to follow.

What You’ll Find

  • What is a “team of teams?”
  • How can we maintain the strengths of small teams – adaptability, flexibility – scaled to the enterprise level?
  • How can a shared goal empower those at the front-line level?
  • It’s a fast moving world—you must adapt or get left behind.

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Team of Teams

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