Taking Charge of Your Talent: Coaching, Mentoring & Talent Development

Don Maruska and Virginia Farley

Updated For Supervisors


The NPS Learning & Development community gathered from August 23 – 25, 2016 at the Forging our Future: The Next Century of L&D training. Don Maruska and Virginia Farley delivered this presentation on how successful talent development techniques can help organizations and employees realize their full potential and engagement.

Session Abstract

Talent development enhances career advancement and organizational success. Learn insights from neuroscience and psychology and proven coaching practices that engage the self-motivation of employees. Explore how the “Taking Charge of Your Talent” program offers a service-wide tool for NPS employees to build both career and organizational assets of enduring value.

What You’ll Learn

The session covers:

  • How traditional talent development such as top-down motivation or transactional relationships fall short
  • Self-motivation can energize the entire organizational ecosystem
  • Three keys to unlock talent for win-win results
  • The role the L&D Community has to play in talent development

Watch the Video


  • Of the three talent development techniques discussed in the video (coaching, mentoring and networking), which have you had the most success with in developing your talent and advancing your career?
  • What best motivates you and helps you feel engaged as an NPS employee? Is there anything that keeps you from feeling fully engaged and, if so, what can you do to create a more engaging environment?

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