Sustaining NPSNext

Sustain NPSNext

Icon made of two arrows in a circleStep 4: Act on commitments and establish ongoing updates.

A plan is only as good as its execution. Sustaining your NPSNext vision will mean building structures and processes that let your staff check in, keep each other honest, and celebrate success.

How Can You Make Change Stick?

Step 4.1 This is a team effort. Create cross-divisional work groups to improve workplace culture or to pool efforts to complete key actions. The beauty of building a shared vision is that the work to accomplish it is shared as well.

Step 4.2 Employee Performance and Appraisal Plans are a perfect place to continue the conversation about implementing NPSNext, helping your team see just how their actions help accomplish the shared vision for your park or unit. Performance plan elements can work as way-markers to reward employees for taking extraordinary steps to work together toward the vision.

Step 4.3  Without regular progress check-ins, a plan just sits on the shelf. Treat your plan like a living document; check-in and update it regularly. Examples of action plans and planning dashboard can provide ideas for tracking your progress – or use these templates to create your own action plan and action tracker.

Step 4.4 Celebrating milestones with the whole team can also help to drive progress forward. Recognizing those who have championed specific goals or values in their work – in small or big ways – can have an amazing effect on success. Once you’ve completed your plan, schedule time to celebrate…and then to re-initiate the planning process.

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