Why the Most Successful People are Great Collaborators


Learning to be a collaborator is an important skill for an employee to have, particularly in today’s increasingly complex and inter-connected world. Collaboration is essential to coordinating an effective and successful park program. Attempting to run your park or program as a “one man show” isn’t going to produce the success you are looking for; it’s far easier to achieve your goals if you can call upon the expertise of co-workers and partners.

In order to succeed in our modern workplace, NPS employees must learn how to create effective partnerships. But how does collaboration equal success? This article explores four key reasons why we must embrace and nurture collaboration within the NPS.

From the Article

  • When decisions and risks are shared, it’s easier to achieve an optimal outcome
  • Successful collaborators see the pros and cons of beng a specialist
  • Hierarchies within organizations are becoming fuzzy – we have to adapt to that
  • Successful leaders know that motivating others is the key to connecting to them


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