Students Dive into Native American Cultures

Native American culture and history are both focused on in many Social Studies classrooms around the country. However, students at Washington Middle School took their studies a bit further and with great success. “Washington Middle School students showed off what they’ve learned about North American indigenous tribes as they proudly displayed their handmade dishes, pottery, tablecloths and more. It was Washington Middle School’s first annual Indigenous Cultures Fair, held at the school library.”

The students not only studied about Native American cultures but celebrated each for their diversity and uniqueness: “students had to also reach out to experts like university professors and authors of books they used in class to ask them questions.”


Read the article then answer the following questions:

  • After reading the article, what three aspects of the project stand out as potentially beneficial to the students? What makes a project like this so appealing and unique?
  • Does your park currently have a program like this for park visitors or a program like this with a local school system? Upon reflection, how could your park create a project or program like the one created at Washington Middle School and what might it look like?

View this video about cultural diversity and examine how ideas from the video could fit into projects like the one described in the article above in your park’s educational planning efforts.


Ponce, Cristian. “Washington Middle School Students Dive into Native American Cultures”. The Californian, 21 May 2018.

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