Structured Conversation Toolkit for Supervisors

Hosting Conversations with Your Team 

As a supervisor, one of your roles is to provide opportunities for your team to check in and discuss issues impacting their lives, work, and community. This toolkit will help support you as you address these topics. It provides guidance to help you host structured conversations with your team members. Using these conversation prompts and facilitation resources, you can create an environment of respect, inclusion, and safety.​ 

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ACT Dialogue Model 

To help make conversation easier, this toolkit utilizes the ACT model.

You’ll start by Acknowledging where your team is currently; hold frequent conversations to facilitate Collaboration to determine where you want to go; and then Take one step toward that goal. Following this approach can help make ambiguous concepts less daunting and can help you make real progress.

Seven offices dedicated to supporting NPS employees came together to create this toolkit. This group connected with hundreds of NPS employees and researched best practices for supporting employees. The broad goal of these conversations is understanding ways we can help employees feel physically, psychologically, and emotionally safe.

NPS Employee Support Programs – currently including: 
  • Office of Relevancy, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Wellness and Resilience Branch
  • NPS Stewardship Institute
  • Organizational Development
  • WASO Interpretation, Education and Volunteers
  • Learning & Development, Interpretation and Education
  • NPSNext Program

Contact the team with comments or questions at: employee_support_programs@nps.gov.

Resources to Help Support this Work:

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