How to Start a Movement


Are you passionate about the mission of the National Park Service? Is there something you believe in that could help the agency and its employees accomplish this mission better? Whatever the case may be, it’s possible to move others to share your passion for a movement. How can you create movement groundswell? It requires the courage to take the lead, or perhaps even to lead by following.

In this short, humorous TED Talk, Derek Sivers walks you through how a movement starts. Mr. Sivers posits it is important for a leader to treat their first few followers as equals. This is what sets a movement apart from a personal agenda. Once a movement reaches critical mass, it takes on a life of its own.

What You’ll Find

  • Structure of a movement
  • The importance of treating followers as equals
  • The critical role of the first follower
  • Video duration – 3:09

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