What It Is

Special Park Uses Records Retention Guidance provides valuable information about records management for special park use permits.

This guidance document lists retention and file codes for permits by the following types:

  • Permanent Permit Records
  • Temporary Permit Records
  • Transitory Permit Records

In addition, the document gives guidance regarding specific special use permits such as still photography, special events, and sporting activities.

The NPS 21st Century Recordkeeping System does not list every possible record series that may be encountered in the course of doing business. However, it does provide 10 broad records categories. This large categorical approach brings records in all media together to achieve a simplified method to organizing and maintaining records.

Why It Matters

Government employees must adhere to specific guidelines regarding the handling of records. This point is driven home every year during mandatory security and awareness training. The handling of special park use permit records is no different.

Additionally, permanent retention of records can assist in resource management and park planning. For example, permits relating to resource damage assist in the documentation of violations and “first case” permits can help park managers determine if an activity should be allowed in the future.


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