Society for Industrial Archeology


Society for Industrial Archeology (SIA) was formed in 1971 to promote the study, appreciation, and preservation of the physical survivals of our industrial and technological past. The word “archeology” underscores the society’s principal concern with the physical evidence of industry and technology-the study, interpretation, and preservation of historically significant sites, structures, buildings, artifacts, industrial processes, bridges, railroads, canals, landscapes, and communities.

The SIA is a nonprofit, international, interdisciplinary organization that brings together people of varied backgrounds who share a common interest in the archeology of industry, engineering, and technology in general. Our diverse membership is our greatest asset. It includes architects, archeologists, engineers, industrialists, museum specialists, planners, historians, preservationists, teachers, students, retirees, and many non-professionals for whom industrial archeology is an exciting avocation.

What you’ll find

  • Annual fall tours of different North American industrial cities with a significant legacy of industrial activity
  • Quarterly newsletter with updates on fall tours, industrial archeology exhibits, and advancements in the field
  • Up to date consultant directory with areas of expertise


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