The Most Epic Guide to Social Media Visuals


When planning your social media presence, why are visuals so important? Isn’t your message enough to attract followers and shares?

Engaging and relevant visuals not only draw people to your content, but images also help users retain your information longer than than if you presented the same information as just text. When information is paired with a relevant image, people retain 65% of that information three days later, in contrast to just 10% retention with just information only.

Your choice of images can also help you set mood, attract new followers, engage your audience, establish a brand and create a consistent look across multiple social media platforms. Different styles and methods work better in some social media platforms than others, so it is also helpful to know which platform is best for your content and if your style choice is working for you or against you.

The Most Epic Guide to Social Media Visuals e-Book offers guidance on creating and establishing your visual style and how to use your images and spread your message across multiple platforms. The e-Book covers creating visuals for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn, as well as pairing colors and fonts, creating infographics and choosing images to best spread your message to the widest audience.

What You’ll Find

The Most Epic Guide to Social Media Visuals e-Book Chapters:

  • Visual Inspiration
  • Establishing and Executing Your Style
  • Converting Your Message into Visuals
  • Color and Font Pairing
  • Choosing Images for Your Design
  • Creative Visuals for Social Media

From the E-Book

Company Culture Posts

Putting a face to your business will help your brand come off as more human and approachable. For instance, if you’re advertising a coffee shop, why not try photographing employees making the coffee or customers drinking it? You’re not only showcasing the product, but you’re also highlighting the experience and the people behind it.

Google’s Instagram account has a huge focus on company culture. As a big business, particularly one in the software space, it’s important to show customers who the people behind the product are. You really get a sense of Google’s cultural values.


  • Check out the National Park Service’s Facebook and Instagram feeds. Is there a consistent brand and style in each platform? What about across platforms? What does each feed say about the NPS culture?

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