Social Media: You Still Need Plain Language


Federal agencies are increasingly turning to social media to interact with the public, recruit, educate and broadcast information. However, this increased use brings a unique set of problems. How can you communicate complex or technical information in easy-to-understand, plain language? How do you fit that complex information into a compact format of just 140 characters?

This recorded webinar discusses plain writing principles and how to use them in social media posts. The webinar covers social media best practices such as when and how to use acronyms and jargon, writing that engages readers and how to simplify your writing so your message takes center stage. The webinar also provides examples of good and bad plain language use on social media and offers strategies and tips for various social media platforms.

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What are your biggest plain language challenges in your social media posts? How can you use the tips from this webinar in creating clearer, more engaging content?

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