Social Learning: Getting the Most Out of the CLP Commons and Other Social Media Tools


The NPS Learning & Development community gathered from August 23 – 25, 2016 at the Forging our Future: The Next Century of L&D training event. In this session, Molly Russell and Keena Graham delivered this session about how to most effectively use The Common Learning Portal (CLP) as a powerful tool for informal and social learning.

Session Abstract

As the social learning component of the larger Common Learning Portal, the Commons is shaping a new way for NPS employees to learn and engage. We’ll explore what the Common sis, how it can be used, and it’s benefits to the workforce.

Watch the Presentations

The first presentation is by Molly Russell, Common Learning Portal Communities of Learning Manager; the second presentation is by Keena Graham, a Common Learning Portal Communities of Learning facilitator.

Reflection Questions

After you view the slides, consider the following reflection questions:

  1. What aspects of the Common Learning Portal can you see improving your work day?
  2. Are there any communities of practice in The Commons which you think will help you improve your NPS job performance? If there isn’t, which one would you start?

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