The NPS Servicewide Acquisition Website contains useful links to updates, general acquisition and program specific policy and guidance.

What You’ll Find

Policy and Procedures

  • Acquisition Policy and Procedures Listings
  • BPC Notifications
  • Federal Acquistion Regulation Website
  • Department of the Interior Acquisition Regulations Quick Reference
  • DOI Acquisition, Assistance and Asset Policy Portal
  • DOI Office of Acquisition and Property Management website

Program Guidance

  • Community Conference Calls
  • Charge Card SmartPay Program
  • Promotional Items
  • Radio Program
  • Inherently Governmental Designators/Reporting Green Actions in FPDS-NG

Certification Programs

  • COA, FAA & Space Leasing
  • FAC-C
  • FAC-P/PM
  • FAC-P/PM(IT)
  • Training Resources

Financial Assistance

  • Financial Assistance Contacts
  • Financial Assistance Current News
  • Government-Wide Financial Assistance Regulations, Policy and Guidance
  • DOI Financial Assistance Policy and Guidance
  • NPS Financial Assistance Policy and Guidance
  • Agreements Technical Representative (ATR) Certification Program
  • Youth Agreements
  • Financial Assistance Conference Calls and Meetings
  • Useful Links


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