SER Future Leaders Program Testimonials

SER Future Leaders Program Participant Feedback

Here is a snapshot of what folks are saying about the SER Future Leaders Program:

“I would highly recommend the Future Leaders Program to anyone looking to develop in their NPS career.  Whether, a supervisory position is in your future or not, this program has proved to be invaluable with the tools provided to be an effective leader. The Future Leaders Program provides wonderful exposure and opportunities to meet key Regional Leadership staff.  Kimberlee and Teresa were crucial in the program’s success which showed through their organization of the training sessions and overall enthusiasm while facilitating these sessions. My classmates and I gained confidence and the skills to be effective supervisors, mentors, and teachers to other NPS staff. I strongly believe this program has enriched my life, both personally and professionally. I am still in touch with my classmates whose friendships were developed during the experience. I hope others can also benefit from the opportunities this dynamic program offers.” – Laura Cryan

“I can honestly say that the Future Leaders program kept me in the NPS. The year I was in the program, it was a challenging year both professionally and personally for me in the wake of Hurricane Irma. Future Leaders gave me the tools I needed not only to change my paradigm, but also support my coworkers through that rough year. Not a day goes by when I don’t use a skill I learned in Future Leaders. Whether it be using “I” statements, time management skills, or just asking one of my cohort members for help when a question comes up, Future Leaders crafted both skills and a network I can rely on. Truly, one of the best benefits of the program is the cohort itself. The friendships made, that spilled well beyond work, have been amazing. These are people I plan to have as part of my life for a very long time. Overall, I think the biggest lessons learned from Future Leaders are that you don’t have to be a supervisor to be a good leader, and that leadership isn’t about you, it’s about supporting your team. Also, to QTIP (quit taking it personally). Being a part of the program is one of the things I am proudest about in my career and am honored to have gone through. I always encourage folks to apply for it if they want to create change in the agency. It really is an amazing program.” – Helen Johnson

“The Future Leaders Program was an amazing experience for me. It taught me a lot about what is needed to succeed in leadership, and revealed a lot about myself as well in the process. It helped me to see that a lot of the traits that I viewed as weaknesses were actually strengths. I think this has helped me to grow and develop in ways that I could not have foreseen prior to the program. I’m actually starting a detail in a few weeks as a Supervisory Park Ranger and I feel pretty well-equipped to handle it based on what I learned in this awesome program.” – Zach Whitlow

“I believed in the mission of the Future Leaders program because it provided the critical supervisory training and skills necessary to be an effective leader before accepting a managerial position. The training was instrumental in my professional development and was a big reason why I was offered a temporary promotion this past year.” – Eric Baldueza

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