Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act requires that Federal agencies consider how their actions could affect historic resources. Any undertaking using federal funds is required to go through the Section 106 process. This page provides links to resources, trainings, and experts to help NPS employees manage their Section 106 responsibilities.

Regional 106 Coordinators

Each NPS Region has a Regional 106 Coordinator assigned as a support to the parks. In the ideal situation, Superintendents and CRM teams use the Regional 106 Coordinator as a subject matter expert to answer questions and help guide projects. We encourage all park staff to know who their Regional 106 Coordinator is and how to contact them.

The Regional 106 Coordinators are listed here. You can also connect with them through the Section 106 Group in the Commons.

Section 106 Training

All new Superintendents and Facility Managers are required to take Section 106 Training. Additionally, all Superintendents and Facility Managers must have attended a Section 106 Training in the last five years. The Section 106 trainings that meet this requirement are provided below:

Training that meets the requirement for Superintendents and Facility Managers

All Superintendents must provide a list to their Region of park staff who have attended Section 106 training in the previous two-year period. This information can also be shared with the SHPO and THPO in the park annual report. There are many training options available to help meet this requirement.

Section 106 Groups and Online Training

Pin celebrating the 50 year anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act In Effigy Completion Badge Getting Started with Section 106 completion badge Section 106 Programmatic Agreement completion badge
Join the Section 106 Group Take the In Effigy Training Take the Getting Started with Section 106 online class Take the Section 106 Programmatic Agreement online class

106 Resources

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