Section 106 Training Webinars

The list below contains all of the NPS Section 106 training webinars scheduled for 2020. Check back as the list is updated often.

Webinar: Section 106 Streamlined Activities for Facility Managers

This webinar will unveil the mysteries behind the §106 2008 Nationwide Programmatic Agreement and what type of maintenance activities could be streamlined in meeting the park’s compliance requirements. Instructors will offer strategies to build a strong project development effort for PEPC, review the need for subject matter experts for interdisciplinary teams, explain the purpose of understanding your park’s historic properties during project development, and then describe keys for understanding how each streamline activity is applied.

Upcoming Webinars: §106 Streamlined Activities for Facility Managers
Check back on this page for future offerings in 2020.

Who should attend?
Facility Maintenance and Cultural Resources employees

Webinar: Get the 411 on the §106 PA

This new webinar series will explore the National Park Service Section 106 Programmatic Agreement (PA) in detail. These interactive, bite-sized, and topically focused webinars are designed for maximum information sharing in a short amount of time. These webinars will help you better understand how to use the Section 106 PA when doing project compliance. Each month features a different aspect of the Section 106 PA. Keep checking back here on the Common Learning Portal for additional webinar updates.

Upcoming Webinars: Get the 411 on §106 PA
Check back on this page for future offerings in 2020.

Who should attend?
These webinars are designed for Section 106 practitioners, but anyone in the NPS who is interested can participate.

Please contact Cari Kreshak (cari_kreshak@nps.gov).

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