School Trip into the Woods

McKenzie Delisle writes about a powerful outdoor experience offered to Beekmantown, New York high school seniors in her article “School Trip into the Woods“. What made this trip so interesting is its blend of art, science, and English content in a wilderness setting. The students went to the State University of New York’s Newcomb campus to participate in an outdoor education program offered by the school’s Department of Environmental Science and Forestry. Their teacher’s goal was to give them opportunities they never had before to experience aspects of the outdoors.

“The students live right near the Adirondack Park, if not within it, and so many of them have never hiked, canoed or spent time within the wilderness.”

The students were taught lessons and participated in activities that supported art, science, and english by the staff at the campus. Read the article about the students’ experiences, then answer the following questions.

Reflection and Questions

  • What were some of the students’ experiences on the three-day trip? How did the students respond to these opportunities and why do you believe they reacted the ways they did?
  • What activity (or activities) did students participate in that combined the courses of art, science, and/or english?
  • Does your park currently offer similar opportunities for local student groups? Does your park have established education programs that support cross-curricular learning opportunities?
  • How might your park develop a program similar to the one mentioned in the article and describe how it might be structured?

For more inspiration, check out this short video about school trips to the woods.

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