Schedule A – Persons with Disabilities


Under the Schedule A hiring authority, a person with a severe physical or mental disability may be appointed without competition to an excepted service position on a temporary or non-temporary basis.  Upon completion of two years of satisfactory service under a non-temporary Schedule A appointment, the appointee may be converted to a permanent appointment in the competitive service.

To be eligible for consideration under this authority, the applicant must submit proof of disability with his/her application.  Proof of disability (i.e. a record, statement or other appropriate documentation confirming a severe physical, mental or psychiatric disability) issued by a licensed medical professional, a licensed vocational rehabilitation specialist, or any Federal or State agency that issues or provides disability benefits.

See also the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guide about Schedule A.

What you’ll find

  • Overview of hiring process under Schedule A.
  • Steps to increase hiring.
  • Schedule A Hiring Authority and related documentation.

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