Field Trip Planning Tips by Rocky Mountain NP Environmental Education

For Educators, By Educators

National Park Service educators work to create meaningful and often unique learning opportunities for youth. The For Educators, By Educators webinar series brings national park educators together to share some of their successful practices and resources. Education Specialist, Katie Phillips facilitated a monthly discussion sharing tips and resources created by the Rocky Mountain Environmental Education and Outreach Office. The three topics covered in this discussion included:

Students participating in education program.
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  1. Preparing teachers for their in-park experience
  2. Managing chaperones expectations
  3. Training education staff

This resource includes handouts from the park, guiding questions, and an activity. It will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

How to Use This Resource

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Guiding Questions

  • What challenges do you face with your park’s existing field trip program?
  • What conversation do you have with teacher’s before they arrive?
  • How do you currently maximize parent chaperones?
  • How could a 10 minute conversation with teachers help to learn more about their needs?
  • How could a chaperone welcome talk improve your field trips?
  • How do you develop and train your education staff to promote active learning and handle all the challenges involved in curriculum-based education?


    1. Pull your existing checklist or other documents you use to prepare for field trips.
    2. Review your existing process on how you learn about the needs for both teachers and students as they prepare for a field trip to your park.
    3. Create a short list of how chaperones interact with the park during a field trip.
    4. How do you currently train your education staff? What’s working and what isn’t working? Have a conversation with your team or partner. Take 10 minutes and brainstorm as a team.
    5. Review the handouts that have been provided by Rocky Mountain National Park Environmental Education team. What questions do you have about their process? Compare your resources to Rocky Mountain. Are there any ideas you might adapt or adopt? Have a conversation with your team or a partner.


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  1. This season I had our team create a contract as suggested in Our Team Session. The results were amazing. We quickly became a team the worked and communicated well with each other. Not only de everyone know what they could expect each other to do, I knew what they expect of me as a leader. I will be starting every season off this way.


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