Restoring Trust in Government: Would You Trust You?


Many Americans express distrust of the government,¬†and this “deficit of trust” constantly undermines federal employees’ abilities to function effectively. As leaders, how do we regain and maintain the public trust so that we can successfully serve the public good and our employees? How do we as employees learn to trust our own institutions, organizations, leadership and peers?

In this video, Dr. Melanie Cohen, IT Strategist with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, interviews William Benner of WW Consulting Group about restoring trust and behaviors that are typically found in “trustworthy” teams. They discuss results from the annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey and how to develop your own internal agency Trust Index. The video also includes direction on how to have a more meaningful and non-threatening conversations about trust concerns with peers and leadership.

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  • What trustworthy behaviors do you see in your team? Do you use different trustworthy behaviors as a leader than as an employee?
  • In recent years there has been a active push to increase the public trust in the NPS. What actions do you regularly take to restore or maintain the public trust?

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