Resources for Training and Coaching Interpreters


The following selection of resources is a starter-list for anyone tasked with training and/or coaching interpreters, or anyone interested in beginning to develop those skills. This list includes general resources for trainers and coaches, but also resources and support groups for training and coaching 21st century interpretive skills.

Training Interpreters

  • Instructor Skills Development — these resources offer general guidance on planning and delivering effective training sessions.
  • ACE Train-the-Trainer Course — this class is offered in conjunction with the Forging Connections through Audience Centered. Experiences (ACE) class from the Interpretive Development Program; several classes are offered each year at Mather Training Center and other locations.
  • ACE Training Lesson Plans — these lesson plans support the Forging Connections through Audience Centered Experiences (ACE) class, and can be used and adapted for your use in seasonal training with your staff; use these lesson plans in conjunction with the ACE Workbook. These lesson plans have been collected and are frequently updated by instructors in a shared folder outside the CLP.
  • 21st Century Skills Training and Coaching Forum — join this group of colleagues to share ideas and resources for training and coaching 21st century interpretive skills; several ideas for coaching audit forms have been shared in this forum.
  • Training Basics for Interpretive Trainers — this self-paced course from Eppley Institute helps interpretive trainers gain foundational skills for planning and presenting training.

Coaching Interpreters

Supervisors and Chiefs — see also these pages with resources for performance planning for interpretive leaders:

Have additional resources that should be added to this page? Make a comment below to suggest a resource.

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  1. This is a great selection of resources to help any unit provide a wide variety of training. It was ARCH’s first year offering ACE in seasonal training. We followed the lesson plans largely and found them very effective.

    One thing Id like to focus on, and perhaps MTC can help, is some additional lessons/sessions that help prime the ACE mindset. I find the lessons largely center upon the practice, which is great and effective, but I have found in my short experience, that we could bump up the attention directed getting folks into the ACE mindset. I’ll work on something for next year and share it.


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